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April 24, 2011 by jazzymjr
I just upgraded my desktop, with new motherboard, CPU, SATA HDD and DVD.  Installed Windows 7.  Everything is fine, but for some reason, when I click on the recycle bin on my desktop and/or in Windows Explorer, it says there are no items in there.  But, there are...almost a gig's worth of them.  I am at a loss here.

Does anyone know how I can get those files in the recycle bin to show up?
March 1, 2011 by jazzymjr
Just wanted to alert everyone about a very nasty piece of malware out there! 

My companion was the recipient of this "nice" piece of software.  He is running Windows 7, 32 bit.  He has no idea how he got it.  Anyway, it takes over your whole computer, and you cannot even open any executable on your computer.  It tells you that your computer is infected...it even takes over your desktop.  It disables eveything.  You cannot even get into safe mode to try to ru...
September 3, 2005 by jazzymjr
Hi all,
I found a rainmeter that I liked, and tried to download it...discovered it is a RAR file, not winzip. I only have winzip. Is there anyway I could change the extension to winzip? Barring that, does anyone know if there is a winzip version of it? The rainmeter in question is SJOGRO Rocks.

Running Windows XP SP2

Thanks for any help!

May 22, 2005 by jazzymjr
I have seen a lot of screenshots with really nice icons on the desktop replacing computer, IE, etc. They are not part of an IP theme. For instance, I have seen fans and butterflies. My question is: do I have to use one of OD programs to apply these icons? Or can I just apply them through IP, replacing the those icons with the other ones? I do have OD, so if i need one of those programs, I will install it...just don't know what I need to do.

Thanks for any of your help!
March 31, 2005 by jazzymjr
Hi all,

I just started using Firefox, and I love it! So much faster than IE. But, I ran into a glitch.

While I was visiting my favorite online game site...POGO... Firefox said it needed to install the Sun Java extension. I let it do its thing, and when it was done, I closed and reopened Firefox to get the extension to function. Went back to Pogo, pulled up a game, and all of the sounds were gone! And, it took the game a long time to load. So, I opened Pogo with IE to see if it wor...